Support us


We are a cooperative – owned by and operated for the benefit of those using our services.   We are non-profit, meaning that any money we get is used for the projects we run, not to make a profit. 

We only apply for funding that allows us to exist on our own terms.  We see youth work as a distinctive educational practice founded on a voluntary relationship with young people and shaped by their agendas. Funding from local authorities or grant funders can undermine our principles and the way we work because it imposes predetermined targets and outcomes. 

If we had regular income from our supporters, our activities would be sustainable – so it would make a huge difference to us if you can donate whatever amount you can afford, whether its two pounds or five pounds a month.

The best way to support us is to set up a standing order by completing a standing order form.  This option is the cheapest way because it does not cost you or us any money. 

If that is not possible, you can donate through PayPal.  PayPal charges a fee on it’s transactions but we understand that it is very convenient for a lot of people. 

You can support us in other ways, for example by supplying materials for our projects, sharing your resources such as venues or even volunteering.  Just email to find out what we need. 

Thank you.

We would like to thank the original VOY founder members Jerome Boothe, Anna Nina Koduah, Tania de St Croix, Emma Heard, Fionn Greig, Julia Betancour Roth and Keishaun Decordova Johnson for all their support.  We would also like to thank the VOY volunteers, past and present who give so much of their time and ideas.