This is a list of resources we want to share with you because we think you might find them interesting.


The In Defence of Youth Work is a campaign that seeks to defend and extend youth work as a distinctive educational practice founded on a voluntary relationship with young people and shaped by their agendas.  They have organised conferences, seminars, workshops and produced an acclaimed book ‘This is Youth Work : Stories from Practice’


We have produced a booklet that tells you about us and how we work.  Other organisations are welcome to borrow or adapt from this booklet, please just credit Voice of Youth, Hackney. The booklet can be downloaded from here. allows people to explore education, learning and social action – and in particular the theory and practice of informal education, community learning and development, specialist education, social pedagogy and lifelong learning.


This is a video of young people talking about why youth work is important to them.  It was made in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2011 with In Defence of Youth Work.